Work Permit for Spouses of Staff with a G4 Visa
The UN Mission processes working permits to UN staff spouses.  In order for spouses to obtain a work permit, they need to fill out an application.  One of the forms requires a signature from United Nations Human Resources Department (HR).  You need to get the last version of the application package which is in iseek (the UN intranet, only accessible at the UN offices) and look for "". 

Once you have your application ready (with forms, photos, etc.), scan it all and email it for review to the Visa Committee in HR Services.

Then once you get an approval from the United Nations HR, your spouse can deliver the hard copy application in person in their offices in the hours they suggest.  
Their offices are currently at: 
Visa Committee/LDSD/OHRM
S-18FWS Riverside, 18th floor (headquarters)
212-963-7092 (office)

You may apply for a work permit for the NY job market even if you do not have a job yet (consultant option), however if you have not worked by the time the work permit expires you will have trouble renewing it.  Check work permit Q&A in the UN Spouse Association Website (  The process to obtain a work permit takes about 4-6 weeks.  

IMPORTANT:  Spouses of G4 holders do not need a work permit if employed by the UN. However, they may eventually need their own G4.

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